Trent Mauney

Professional Web Developer



Budget App

Click here to view: Budget App

This is a single page JavaScript budget application.  It was developed using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. It takes in values as either expenses or income then displays them on the screen for you to view.  It also automatically keeps a running total of your expenses and income for the month.  Feel free to use this application to help yourself keep track of your monthly finances.



Face Recognition App

Click here to view: Face Recognition App

No sign-in required, just click sign in to view this application.

This is a React application that identifies where faces are in photos.  This app uses HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, and the Clarifia Api to detect faces in images from around the web.  This application also contains a sign-in and register page.  It is only the front end part of the project and requires no sign in. Have fun using the this application with a variety of photos.



The Beard’s Watch Podcast

 Click Here to View: Beard’s Watch Podcast Homepage

This is a marketing/promotional site for The Beard’s Watch Podcast.  I have been the lead front-end developer for this site for 3 years.  The of this site goal is to promote the podcast, increase podcast views, and increase purchase of merchandise. The site provides information about the podcast, serves as a landing page for accessing current episodes, brewery reviews, and purchasing merchandise.  I have been in charge of updating the site, managing content, and performing maintenance.


React Robots

Click here to view: React Robots

This is a React application that I am currently working on.  It uses HTML, CSS, JavaScript and the React framework. It uses React components to display randomly generated robots using, along with their username and email.  This application also has a search box function to search through the robots displayed on the screen. I am still in the process of optimizing this application for different screen sizes.


JavaScript Dice Game

Click here for link: Dice Game

This is a simple single page JavaScript game.  This project was created using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.  This project demonstrates JavaScript logic and capabilities.  I am still working on including a rules section for this game. Feel free to play and enjoy.


JavaScript Background Color Generator Project

Click Here to View: Background Color Generator

This is a JavaScript single page application for generating and testing different background color gradient options for use in on your websites.  This project was designed and developed using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.   This application allows you choose two different colors to use in the gradient and displays them on the background to allow you to see how well they look together.  This application also has a “random” button you can use to generator random color combinations to help you test out different background options.  The rgb color codes used are displayed on the screen inyou to reference and use on your webpage once you have decided on a combination that works for your project.


Yondu Yoga: Staff Area PHP/MySQL Application

Click Here to View: Yondu Yoga Staff Login Page

Login: Username: johnqpublic    Password:  .Password5252

This is a concept site for a staff area for a yoga studio.  I designed and developed this site from scratch using  HTML5, CSS3, PHP and MySQL.  For the login it uses HTML5 and PHP for password authentication and validation. Staff members login using their created username and password generated by the admin. Once logged in they are able to create new clients by entering their information, and then schedule them for yoga classes based on type and time of day.  The list of clients is then displayed on the customers main page.  Staff members can also  create new, edit existing customers, and delete customers.

Full code can also be found on GitHub:


Yondu Yoga: WordPress Blog

Click Here to View: Yondu Yoga Blog

This is a concept blog site created using WordPress entitled Yondu Yoga.  This site contains a home section, a blog post section for articles about yoga, and an event section. It was created using a customized WordPress theme and also contains several WordPress widgets to enhance the blog experience.


Acme Web Design: Responsive Site

Click here to view: Acme Web Design

This is a concept for a responsive design site that I developed from scratch. This site demonstrates some basic page layout designs and uses media queries to adjust the sizing and lay out of the page items based on the size of the screen for a web development business call Acme.  This site contains three pages: a home page, an about page, and a services page.


Extra Help Tutoring: Node.js application

Click here to view: Extra Help Tutoring node.js app

Full code can be found on my GitHub account at: Github/Tmauney1

This is a single page node.js concept application for tutoring services. It was created using node.js, MongoDB, and Jade.  The app allows you to enter information about a student to sign them up for tutoring.  The student entered is then displayed in the table. You can click on the students name to see additional student info, and also delete a student from the table.